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Last night I attended a soiree at the Pinetop Contemporary Fine Art Gallery where I have a number of my pointillism landscapes exhibited.  The gallery’s Friday Night Culture Club opens it’s doors to local musicians, poets, actors, etc. to entertain the crowd of creativity enthusiasts.  As I was wandering a bit, introducing myself to other attendees before the entertainment started,  a man approached me saying, “Oh you’re the artist!  You’re the reason I’m here!”  (I had an article in the local paper just that day describing my paintings).  He said, “Who would have thought?  Pointillism in Pinetop (AZ)!”  He was quite engaging.  It turns out that he himself is also an artist.  He was enthusiastic about his artwork which is always fun to hear.  We spoke of how artists market themselves today so I shared with him that I use the LinkedIn Social Network.  He exclaimed “So do I!”  Our conversation immediately turned to just “LinkedIn”…

This was the first time I actually met someone “new and in person” affiliated with LinkedIn.  We discussed how I use it to promote my art to galleries.  It has allowed me to exchange ideas with art dealers and other artists all over the world.  Just this week, I conversed with people from New York, San Francisco, London, Argentina, the Netherlands, and more.  He laughed and said, “My son was one of the original people using LinkedIn.   He encouraged me to try it too.”

LinkedIn is designed as a competitive environment.  You make connections with people as you exchange thoughts.  Your number of connections can either promote more connections and/or readers, as well as, a lack of connections can dissuade others from reviewing your profile and taking you seriously.  So you have to keep building connections.   I also read & respond to the discussions of various  LinkedIn Professional Groups I’ve joined.  I am frequently motivated to “move” on ideas they promote.  I have done more to market myself since LinkedIn than I ever would have imagined prior to joining.  The Pointillism Painters Group on LinkedIn was my brainchild.  It currently has a meager four members of pointillism artists whose works are diverse but I anticipate many more will surface, and soon!  I also read what my actual “real-life friends” are doing on LinkedIn.  They motivate me to action too.  I want to stay “up on what’s happening” and not let others pass me by;  thus, the competition.  It’s healthy though!

So, when my new “Soiree LinkedIn Friend” said “I haven’t spent enough time on My Profile“, I knew he needed some motivation to get the most out of LinkedIn.  It’s obvious that he also knows the competitive nature of this social network.  Thus, the implied apology…  So, this whole blog is for “you”.  I’m glad we met in person and I hope to “connect on LinkedIn” in the future.  Good luck!

The Pointillism Painters Group Logo

The Pointillism Painters Group Logo

Today, I started a social networking group on LinkedIn ( called The Pointillism Painters Group.  If you are an artist and not familiar with LinkedIn, I highly suggest that you take a look at it and become a professional member.  There are a number of art related networking groups that allow you to participate or start a discussion about a pertinent topic.  You can also promote your artwork and get feedback on your finished products. LinkedIn has brought plenty of activity & interest to my website.

I began the pointillism group to hear from others about their individual processes whether physically, emotionally &/or  spiritually.  I can not wait to hear how other artists benefit (or not) from painting in pointillism.  I plan to share my process from start to finish and hopefully, much of this information can inspire a published book on pointillism.