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By Local Arizona Artists

Reception & Sales

Scottsdale Executive Plaza        6350 E Thomas Rd. suite 230       Scottsdale, AZ

Friday May 24, 2013        5pm to 9pm

Wine and Light Hors d’Oeuvres

Meet the Artists:         Velma Barder           Bill Lundquist               Garry Lozier Nancy Levinson        Rosie Schurz        Bev Cousins      Betsy Paul    Deborah Gama     Lima Danny Liu    Kathleen Tomasulo    Patty Schwantes        Edward Pastelsen       Jeanine Munguia      Karen Lemelson      Charles Lentz       Heyoung McBride     Paige Stone Darlene Brown      Hank Reynolds       Ellen Rothbart       Iva Coen        Denise Landis       Carol McSweeney        Jong Lee       Robin Hooker       Wahid Nahle       Karen Ritterhouse       Andree Schaeffer


Salt Please!
48 x 48 x 1.5

Join Denise Landis, KimmBerly Ioane, Lori Berry, & Diane Haugen at this years Artists of the Superstitions Studio Tour.  November 3-4, 9-4pm each day.  See raku pottery, pointillism paintings, photographs, prints, fused glass jewelry, painted barware, gourd art, & drawings at Studio #3 on the TourMap.  See below. 

Contemporary Pointillism

If you like Pointillism, consider joining the new Pointillism Art group on Facebook.  I just started this group and am anxious for new members.  The group is open to artists (pointillists or otherwise),  art galleries & museums that currently exhibit Pointillism (both contemporary and classical styles), art collectors, and fans.  Join me as I explore the current world of Pointillism!

I'm so happy!!!

I'm so happy!!!

An East Coast art dealer called me today!  He had reviewed my art on my website and wanted to give me feedback!!!!  Can you believe it?  I was thrilled.  He was very cordial as he sensitively yet seriously critiqued my work.  He almost sounded apologetic as he gave me suggestions for improvement and asked questions about why I do this and that.  I guess he deals with so many “sensitive artists” who see any form of criticism or suggestions as personal assaults or slights.   He said, “You dont have to agree with me” as if encouraging me to stand up for my work and share more about my process and thoughts.  So, I went into my “typical refrain” on working with musical rhythms, etc. etc.   I told him many of the things I’ve shared in previous blogs.   He actually listened and responded with humorous anecdotes to relieve my anxiety.   What a pleasurable experience……….  I plan to take “every word that came out of his mouth” seriously.  Who knows where it will take me?  Yeah, I’m sensitive but not stupid!