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Pointillism Modern Cowboy

Pointillism Modern Cowboy

Denise Landis has been practicing the unique art of pointillism painting for many years.  Now, she is sharing the “secrets of pointillism” with students who live in the Phoenix Arizona metro area.

Pointillism was first developed in the 1800’s by French painter George Seurat. While most people seem to think the Pointillism painting technique is simply “painting with dots”, it is based on a specific color theory never before practiced prior to Seurat and takes a visual ability that can be learned by anyone. “Once you start seeing art through the eyes of a pointillist, a whole new world can open up for all styles of painting”.

Courses are designed for adults who are either beginning painters or advanced level artists.  Beginning painters will learn about acrylic paint & brushes as well as understanding the artist’s “Color Wheel”.   The class is also appropriate for those more experienced artists wanting to “stretch” and gain new painting perspectives and skills.  Denise includes musical rhythms to serve as an easy approach to stay on task.  All students learn how pointillism can serve as a personal meditation.  “It’s an escape from everyday reality!”

Students will learn:
• The history of pointillism
• Art materials
• Techniques
• Color Theory
• Meditation skills

Course includes ten 2 ½ hour structured classes provided in the private Landisworks Studio located in the rural mountains north of Apache Junction, Arizona.

Fee: $50.00 per class
10 class series $500.00

Note: Class fee includes all painting materials & refreshments.  There is a 6 class minimum requirement via written contract. Fees are collected prior to each class or paid in full in advance.  Pay for the whole 10 class series & get 1 extra class free.  Imagine, eleven intensive pointillism classes for $500.00!

Where: Landisworks Art Studio

Hours:  Arranged privately

Interested students should reply via Blog Comment or private email: