Summer 2009 Press Release

Denise Landis

Denise Landis

Denise Landis, An Emerging Artist

Today’s art market is reactive to the dramatic decline in collectors spending.  Collectors are being more careful and slow to make purchases from established artists and are focusing more on “emerging artists” whose prices are still reasonable.  Denise Landis is one of these artists.   “While I have been painting for years, pursuing ways to effectively market and sell my paintings has been difficult.  This is typical for artists.  However, that kind of thinking is gone now.  I spend time every day working on communicating with other artists, prospective galleries, and various art marketing coaches”.

Denise Landis has displayed her artwork at Arizona galleries in Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Globe and most recently in the New York City and Atlanta areas.  This summer, Denise is displaying a recent series of what she calls “Modified Pointillism” paintings at the Pinetop Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Pinetop, Arizona owned and operated by Jim & Katie Beck.  Her paintings are large and consist of brightly colored abstract landscape images that are created by dabbing rectangular brushstrokes on the canvas.  Denise incorporates musical rhythms into her creative process.  It allows the painting to move at a pace determined more by the style of music than her own internal painting speed.

“Painting in the pointillism style is a meditative experience.  I’ve never practiced meditation outside of my art.  I learned early, when I was a potter, that being “lost” in the creative process is a healing experience and a form of private meditation”.    This realization was the inspiration for Denise to obtain her Masters Degree in Art Therapy.   She worked with psychiatric patients using various creative modalities for years.   After witnessing many of these patients take risks and make changes in their lives,  Denise decided to follow suit herself.  In 2000, she stopped working in the mental health field and became a full-time artist.  Denise established her art business known as Landisworks in 2004.  “These last few years have been “nothing but growth for me.  I’ve really blossomed as an artist and person”.

Denise loves creating portraits and landscapes for others.  She is very willing to listen to her customers requests and create works they will be proud to display in their homes and offices.  For more information about Denise Landis and to see her unique works, her professional website is

Snow Grazing  24 x 36"

Snow Grazing 24 x 36"

  1. Denise, I love this painting! Glad you are moving ahead in getting out there! You seem to be having tons of fun too!

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