Pointillism Artist At Gold Canyon Art Show

April 2008

Denise Landis, of Landisworks Art and Jewelry Design, will be demonstrating an unusual painting technique called “Pointillisim” during an upcoming Art Show and Sale on Sunday, April 27th at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort, in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Pointillism is a style of painting in which small distinct points of colors or “dots” create the impression of other colors.  The technique relies on the perceptive ability of the artist’s eye and mind to mix the dots into a fuller range of color tones.  Pointillism was created and mastered by French painters, Georges-Pierre Seurat and Paul Signac in the late 1880’s.   Seurat founded the 19th century French School of Neo-Impressionism.  He is best known for his huge canvas compositions, such as Sunday Afternoon on the Island ot the Grande Jatte.

The term “pointillism” was first coined by French Salon art critics of that time who disliked and ridiculed the works of the Neo-Impressionists.  This style of painting was in great contrast to popular Impressionists art.  The term “pointillism” continues to be used today but now without the earlier negative connotations.

The practice of pointillism is very different from more common methods of blending pigments on a palette.  Denise Landis states, “While the original artists who created this technique mixed primary colors of reds, blues, and yellows to create more colors, I use pre-mixed paints but still practice the technique of just painting with dots.  Contrasting colors make subtle changes that form images. It’s a tedious style but rewarding when my subjects come ‘alive’.  The colors begin to ‘dance’ or ‘move’ on the canvas!”  Today, pointillism is a painting style with few serious practitioners.

Denise Landis earned a Bachelors Degree in Art and a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy.   This formal training introduced her to the technique of “pointillism” and she has practiced this medium of painting with “dots or dabs of colors” for years.   While she began to paint using the classical style, she moved to an “easier” usage of spray paint, and finally her current acrylic painting of which she calls “New Pointillism”.

As a Registered Art Therapist, Ms. Landis utilized pointillism with patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.   She encouraged her patients who demonstrated symptomatic hand tremors, to practice this particular style.   She adds, “Patients were not as intimidated by this technique.  Their  ‘dabs and dots of colors’ could be achieved more easily than standard representational art.  We worked ‘with’ their symptoms instead of ‘fighting’ to control them.   Patients could focus on ‘color theory’ rather than a finished piece of art.  It’s rewarding to create and ‘see anew’ in this manner.”

In her own paintings, Denise Landis prefers to paint portraits; however, she also paints desert landscapes.   Landisworks Portraits are typically inspired by her clients’ private photos submitted for commission work.  Photographic samples of her paintings and portraits will be on display for customers to view at the upcoming sale or at www.landisworks.com.   Denise will be taking orders for 2008 commissioned paintings and portraits during the art show and sale.

The Art Show and Sale in Gold Canyon is sponsored by the Artists of the Superstitions, a private group of artists from the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon areas.   There will be a unique blending of creative art modalities, ie. photography, pottery, jewelry, gourd art, glass work, mural work, clay mask making, and other painting styles available for purchase.    You may contact Denise Landis at landis@landisworks.com for more information about ”pointillism”, the Artists of the Superstitions, and the upcoming show.

Artists of the Superstitions Art Show and Sale

Sunday, April 27   9am till 4pm

Gold Canyon Golf Resort

6100 S. Kings Ranch Road

Gold Canyon, AZ

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