Denise Landis To Exhibit Miniature Paintings

Planning a trip to Atlanta in the late summer?  One of our local artists has an exhibit of her paintings in the Atlanta Airport.  Denise Landis, popular artist/painter from Apache Junction, Arizona, joined a large art project this summer sponsored by the Art House Co-op Gallery in Georgia.  Denise states, “Sometimes it’s good to have external ‘structure’ in the creative process. I’ve researched many online gallery projects and found that the Art House Co-op Canvas Project is a fun way for me to stretch out of my ‘art box’ and challenge my left brain/right brain skills.  In joining the co-op, I’ve made friends with artists in numerous countries and even a few from around Arizona.   It has a huge following all over the world.”

The Canvas Project Vol II, The Encyclopedia Edition provided Denise with five miniature 3 x 3 inch canvases and five words to use as individual painting themes.  The task of the exhibit is to define specific words on canvas.   Denise’s  prescribed words were:  “bombastic, chriksteen, burned, moribund, & botanical”.   She found these diverse words to be a visual challenge.

“I couldn’t find a specific definition for ‘chriksteen’ spelled as it was, so I felt totally confident in making up my own definition of the word. ‘Creek stone’ conjured up a familiar visual image. Locally, we see rounded river rocks in the typical desert landscaping in neighborhood after neighborhood of metro AZ.   I also thought of the millions of river rocks in and along the Salt River.   In many places, the Salt River has no water at all, just a huge dry riverbed full of these round gray-toned rocks.  However, the Salt River always flows in the mountainous area near my home north of  Apache Junction.  I chose this image to paint using my pointillism technique.   My ‘chriksteen’ image is now on canvas; as are the four other miniature ‘word paintings’.

"Chriksteen" 3 x 3" Miniature
“Chriksteen” 3 x 3″ Miniature

The artist’s word images and potentially 1000+ will create an interesting huge montage much like a “wall dictionary” at these upcoming exhibitions: July 31 – September 4, 2009 at the Atlanta Airport Atrium Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia as well as September 25, 2009 at the Art House Gallery, located in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill Arts District.

Working in miniature was a switch since Denise Landis’ pointillism paintings can be as large as 4 x 6 feet.    “My typical paintings range in size and my subjects are diverse.  I enjoy painting portraits of people of all ages, cherished family pets, as well as,  the Sonoran desert,  the Pacific ocean, and northern Arizona countryside landscapes.  Commissions are welcome and considered a privilege.”  Pointillism is unique and offers a fresh approach to standard paintings.  For more information about Denise Landis and her art,  call 480-205-8436, visit her Landisworks Studio website at, or you can meet Denise and visit her studio in person during this fall’s Artists of the Superstitions Studio Tour scheduled for November 7th & 8th.

  1. Good for you my friend. So glad that you are flying high(haha). really like this painting.

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