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November 2009

Local Modern Artist Shares Her Pointillism

You may have entered the workspace or art studio of Denise Landis, a local modern artist, during last weekend’s Artists of the Superstitions Annual Studio Tour in Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.   Denise is a member of this prestigious group of artists and loves being involved with the open studio event each year.   The Studio Tour included twenty-one studios and forty+ individual Arizona artists.


Scrub Junipers
Scrub Junipers by Denise Landis 36 x 48″

Landis says, “Typically, my studio is open only through private appointments or classes.  But twice a year I open the doors to share my current paintings and jewelry during the Art Studio Tour and Lost Dutchman Days in the spring.  This year I was able to share my start of a new series of paintings that I call ‘Modified Pointillism’.  They are easily recognizable because I paint with large rectangular dabs of acrylic paint.  My images emerge as the viewer stands a distance away from the pieces. Painting in this style can easily make you dizzy until you learn how to process the experience.  The dots and dabs appear to move a bit which is a striking effect once finished.  There is a playfulness that exudes from the canvas.  Seeing pointillism images requires a certain visual acuity that can be taught easily.  I love teaching students this process during my private classes on Classical Pointillism.”

The Pointillism painting technique and unique color theory originated in the mid-1800’s by French artist, George Seurat.  Initially his art was ridiculed and called “fuzzy” by art critics of that era.  But following his death at age 31, his works became powerful collectibles and now are considered some of the most important artwork of his time.  For more information about George Seurat and Pointillism, see

“My passion for pointillism is a powerful thing.  I use the action of making dots and dabs on my canvases as a meditative experience as well.  Painting can be a very therapeutic experience”.   Denise should know,  she is a Retired Art Therapist.  You can see more of Denise Landis art on her business website   All interested students of classical pointillism should call her directly at 480-205-8436.

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