Latest Vintage Airtsream Project (Keeping Me Out of the Art Studio)

Bob and I have owned a 1969 Airstream International Trailer for many years.  We once loved towing it on vacations to California and Mexico but in recent years have let it sit gathering dust while traveling RV style.  We’ve talked of selling it but can’t seem to do it.  I have spent many hours remodeling the interior to reflect a 1960’s motif and we have to admit, we love it!   It’s adorable but has sat quietly while we ignore it’s future possibilities.

Now, we have decided that it will forever be a part of us and want to open it up to our friends and family as a guest space called the “Lazy L Love Shack Ranch”.   I am once again updating the interior while Bob is planning the landscaping and permanent hookup necessities.  Our new guest space will accommodate one comfortably, two cozily, and up to four if you really love each other!   Tent space is also available….

In the next few days, the Airstream will make it’s final journey as it moves to it’s permanent position on our property north of Apache Junction, Arizona where it will face the gorgeous Orohai and Goldfield Mountains of the Tonto National Forest.  During the day, hiking trails into the desert will be at your doorstep.  At night, guests can sit quietly enjoying a private campfire,  listen to the various desert sounds & coyotes howling, as well as, take in the nightime stars.  Or you can come hang out with us in the “big house”!

As this process takes place, I will begin to add photos to entice visitors to come stay for a unique experience.   We may even open it to vacationing renters.  Who knows.  So keep an eye out for new posts about our Vintage Airstream!

  1. iris says:

    My new hiding spot??

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