Artist Statement

Focusing on musical rhythms makes for steady dabbing as a pointillism painter. Transforming the white canvas into the playground for an imagery-induced trance is my objective.  The painting process of dabbing and dotting is actually simple and can seem mundane or monotenous to most viewers.  However, a musical beat keeps me on task creating uniform marks with every stroke and I am happily at work.

Dot – dot – dot – dot – dot….  Heaven.

It becomes hynotizing.  I can paint for hours without stepping back to really see what it is I am painting.  However, pointillism art also requires an eye for light, specific color theory, order, and placement.   Therefore, I practice seeing the world in complimentary colors and variations of all wherever I go.

Red & green, yellow & violet, orange & blue.

Push – push – push – push – push….   My homework.

These mysterious actions captivates my art audience with wonder and encourages them to ask the question  “How?”

Dare I tell?

My art studio called Landisworks sits at the base of the Orohai Mountains in Arizona.  My husband and two dogs keep me grounded in my day-to-day life.

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