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My father introduced me to painting when I was a child.  He sat at our kitchen table and painted tiny colorful faces on fishing lures.  I was fascinated by his ability to make these great little faces without “messing up”.   From that point, I was determined to create my own drawings and paintings and follow in my father’s footsteps.

College courses were my first solid intro to color theory and design.  My primary interest at the time was ceramics and bronze pieces.  I preferred three-dimensional  works.   At some point. I decided that I would never make enough money to make a decent living so I went back to get a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and certification as a psychodramatist.  I worked in the mental health field for almost twenty years as both a psychotherapist and hospital program administrator.   During this time,  I became passionate about  painting.   Originally, I painted with “dots” via cans of spray paint.

An Original Pointillism Spray Painting
An Original Pointillism Spray Painting

However, I soon grew tired of leaning forward to paint canvases on the ground and the smelly fumes didn’t help.  In 2000, I left the psychiatric industry and became a full-time practicing artist.   I reverted back to painting with a brush on a vertical canvas.  Now, I incorporate musical rhythms and repetitive beats to maintain a steady movement around the canvas.

As an acrylic painter I see the world through a “Pointillism veil”.  I look for subjects to paint by their primary & complementary colors.  In my mind, “I can’t see one without the other”.  My paintings are built on the principles of classical pointillism, but for each painting, I use different sized dots, dabs, or strokes to vary my pieces into what I term “Modified Pointillism”.

I am an Arizona artist specializing in portraits and western landscapes.  I am fascinated by the characters I see during my day to day romps to my local small town.    I describe my portraits as Face Art.

Face Art Cowgirl
Face Art Cowgirl

My style is contemporary  but yet can have a primitive and cartoon-like  feel.  My colors are exaggerated, typically bright, and full of life.   My paintings range in size from miniatures to huge canvases and I recently started painting on vinyl records!    My commissioned portraits are all created from personal photographs.

My art studio, known as “Landisworks”, is located in a primitive desert community outside the Phoenix metro area.  My husband and I share our space with two crazy dogs.  Our life is simple and blessed with many friends.

The Superstition Mountains near my studio
The Superstition Mountains near my studio

My works are primarily shown in galleries and art centers around the Southwest, however, recently I had five paintings exhibited in New York.  I see my past experiences as artistic building blocks, slowing creating a sound foundation for my future painting and art challenges.

I will be using this blog to share my world as an artist. Check out my work. And….I’ll probably share a bit more of my general thoughts and feelings. I would also love to hear from other bloggers who love art,  Arizona,  and have their own stories to tell.

  1. Sharon Sieben says:

    Great Artwork, Nice Blog!!! but I am not surprised…You are a Great Artist and a Nice Person. Good Luck!!! Sharon

  2. Cheryl says:

    I fully understand how it feels to send off your artwork. A part of you has just left your heart. Never to return again… You can replace that artwork with new and better work, but it will never quite put back the piece of your heart and soul that went into that original, that will always be unique and special, as is every painting you complete.
    Hope others appreciate that and buy one for their enjoyment, just as you have enjoyed creating them!

  3. Susie says:

    Hey cutie,
    Love the blog and love to hear what you are up to…
    I want to experience a Phoenix First Friday with you one of these days.
    It would be good for my non-artistic soul to get fed some art and experience downtown at a new level.
    Love ya! Your pal Susie

  4. Carol L.McMahan says:

    Dear Denise, Your portraits are fabulous! You have brought my grand sons into my office life every day as I gaze with love and longing into their eyes in the painting on my wall. Your pointelism draws me in. THANK YOU SO VERY, xo, Carol McMahan

  5. Pam Tyer Isaacs says:

    Hey girlfriend,
    I love the blog, but most of all love your creative juices, just blows my mind! How wonderful to find and expand your wonderful talents, you have not wasted any time, your life is now being placed for the world to see! I just love everything, you are very blessed.
    Hugs, Pam

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