Do you have a favorite cocktail or beverage? If so, let me know and it could be the next piece created in my “Drink Series”.

These huge modern pointillism paintings are unique to earlier works by utilizing larger brushes thus creating enlarged 2 inch dab sizes.   Each painting is 48 x 48 inches and designed for those dramatic kitchens, dining rooms, & living room spaces, or hip restaurants and imbibing establishments. 

The first of the series is called More Wine?  Makes you want to get out the corkscrew, right?

  1. Sharon Sieben says:

    Iced Tea with lots of ice and a lemon slice

  2. Deena Pace says:

    Very good idea for a series Denise! My favorite is Mint Julep but in view of paying attention to health, my current favorite is pomegranate cranberry juice by Healthy Balance: 5g sugar, 6g carbs, 29 calories for 8 oz. plus pomegranate is supposed to clean out plaque.

  3. jamesjimmyjimbojim says:

    Cafe helado, por favor…nice idea… james

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