Artist Statement

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

My first introduction to art was while watching my father paint fishing lures atop our family’s kitchen table in rural Arkansas.  I was fascinated by the tiny “faces” he created on these treasured objects, not knowing that one day, I too, would assume his passion for art, painting, and portraiture.

During my first painting course in college, I was introduced to Pointillism, a unique style of painting originated by French artist George Seurat in the mid-1800s.  Oddly, I liked it more than other styles of painting even though it proved a difficult and tedious process.  It grabbed me! My mother saved my first Pointillism painting and today, I still sell Giclee’ prints as one of my customers’ favorites.

During the 1980’s, I let art & painting “take a backseat” as I pursued graduate studies and became a psychiatric group psychotherapist in Washington, DC and New Jersey.

A second introduction to Pointillism was in 1984 when I experienced Sunday In The Park With George, a Broadway play production in New York City.  As I watched Mandy Patinkin (as George Seurat, the Father of Pointillism) make his theatrical “dots” on canvas, I knew that this methodical and trance inducing style of rhythmic painting was again calling me back to the arts.  Following this experience, I practiced several unique forms of making dots on canvas including can spray painting atop large canvases laid on the floor of a small bedroom-turned studio.   These works were primarily given to friends, family, and co-workers, however, several remain in my private collection today.

Upon moving to Arizona in 1988, I worked professionally as a psychiatric program administrator until 2000 when I retired early to once again pursue my long-standing art-making dream.  My husband, Robert Landis and I built the Landisworks Studio on the property of our home in Apache Junction, Arizona.  My desire to paint was reignited and charged with energy, so much so that by 2004, I had transformed into a full-time artist.   Since then, I have built a private customer base and have initiated relationships with various art galleries, established art leagues and organizations for potential future exhibits.

Today, my paintings fluctuate from using dots to dabs to create fluid impressionistic works.   I use brushes of all sizes depending on my artistic whims. I create designs with three styles of “dots or dabs”:  1) Tiny dots in the classical Pointillism style,  2)  Perfect circles made by rotating my brush during each stroke, or  3) Large rectangular dabs of acrylic paints.  I use musical rhythms to stay on task and may work for hours with no awareness of time.  Pointillism portraits and landscapes are my primary subjects since the state of Arizona remains my longstanding “muse”.  The cacti, flora, landscapes, and vivid personalities provide continual painting possibilities.   However, I have recently been stepping out of the “Desert Box” and creating more images from places I visit or imagine in my dreams.

I am fortunate to be able to work from two studio locations.  During the summer months, I paint in a small studio in rural Vernon, Arizona and return to my primary Landisworks Studio in the fall and winter months.  Landisworks Studio is open for private tours by appointment only.  I am more than willing to provide private demonstrations of what I term Modified Pointillism.  I also teach classes on Classical Pointillism to students of all ages.  For more information about my art, email, visit, or call 480.205.8436.

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