Portraits or “Face Art”

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Art, LinkedIn, portraits
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Rodeo Clown Face Art

Rodeo Clown Face Art

Painting portraits in pointillism is a challenge.  While I want to stay true to the process, I also want my buyers to see “the life” of the person reflected on the canvas.  When I have onlookers watch the portrait process, I wonder what they are thinking? When you just paint one color at a time over the whole canvas, it tends to make the subjects look like monsters to start.  Does my audience say,”What the hell is she doing?  That doesn’t look like the person in the photo…”

If they stayed around long enough, they would see how each new color adds more depth and personality.  I actually love seeing my “Face Art” come to life.  Pointillism is perfect for showing that special “twinkle” in the eyes.  There is an energy that exudes from the work.  Sometimes it makes me feel comfortable and sometimes it makes me feel uneasy.  I currently have my portrait of a Rodeo Clown hanging in my bedroom.  Last night, my husband said, “That guy is creeping me out!”  I don’t think it is a fear of clowns but simply that “energy” that pointillism brings to life.  What do you think?

Any rodeo enthuisiasts out there want to buy him?  He needs a new home.

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