The Pointillism Painters Group

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Art, Group Affiliations, LinkedIn
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The Pointillism Painters Group Logo

The Pointillism Painters Group Logo

Today, I started a social networking group on LinkedIn ( called The Pointillism Painters Group.  If you are an artist and not familiar with LinkedIn, I highly suggest that you take a look at it and become a professional member.  There are a number of art related networking groups that allow you to participate or start a discussion about a pertinent topic.  You can also promote your artwork and get feedback on your finished products. LinkedIn has brought plenty of activity & interest to my website.

I began the pointillism group to hear from others about their individual processes whether physically, emotionally &/or  spiritually.  I can not wait to hear how other artists benefit (or not) from painting in pointillism.  I plan to share my process from start to finish and hopefully, much of this information can inspire a published book on pointillism.

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